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One on One Q&A: Andrew Lawson

One on One Q&A: Andrew Lawson

How are things shaping up for the 2019 season?

Things are coming together well thanks. It’s going well with our new Pipe Major Emmett Conway. Some music from last season is being kept while there’s plenty new as well. We’re very excited about our new medley this year and hope we get a chance to show it off at the first medley major of the season in Ireland.

Have you any new additions to the drum corps this year?

There are some new faces in the corps and a few old that sadly won’t be playing this season. Turnover in pipe bands is common of course and this season is no different. Everyone coming in is getting along well and enjoying being a part of the band.

Your drums sounded fantastic last season but do you have any plans on changing your set-up with reference to sticks, drum heads etc going into 2019?

Well we have a new set of Premier drums on their way to us now. We’re very much looking forward to seeing them and setting them up for the start of the season. As far as the set-up, I’m looking at experimenting with bottom heads, I’ve used the same model for many years and want to see what else there is out there. We had experimented with top heads the past few years and feel happy to continue with the setup from last year for the top.

What makes your Premier drums different in three words from all the other drums on the market?

Bright, Clear and Robust.

Do you think with the size of some of the bands today, compared to say 25 years ago, that Premier's clarity and volume has helped balance the overall ensemble especially that there’s anything between 20-25 pipers in a modern pipe band?

Bands size has changed quite a lot over the years. Right now things look like they may be coming back down just a bit but really each season there are surprises. I definitely like the volume from the Premier drum in this regard. It gives you the ability to really increase your dynamic range and get an even higher top end in regards to volume when it’s needed. When the drum is paired with the right head it’s also very clear and defined as well. I think the Premier drums are great for ensemble and balance in any size band.

And lastly what would you say to bands considering changing their drums this year particularly why they should choose Premier drums?

What I said above about volume and clarity is a first reason. When good care is taken in the beginning to set-up the snares and heads the drums are very consistent and tuning between drums is very predictable and easy. Also the bass section drums are the lightest between all of the other brands which is always a plus.

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