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One on One Q&A: Stephen Creighton

One on One Q&A: Stephen Creighton

How are things shaping up for the 2019 season? 

Things are shaping up extremely well for the band. There’s lots of new music this year and we've just performed a rerun of our concert (Resume) in the Armagh hotel, so it's all pretty busy right now .

Have you any new additions to the drum corps this year?

We have lost and gained a few which is normal in Grade 1 but we have been lucky over the years because we seem to add more than we lose.

Your drums sounded fantastic last season but do you have any plans on changing your set-up with reference to sticks, drum heads etc going into 2019?

There's no changes this year and, as you know, you should never change a winning formula and that’s exactly what we have. But we will be promoting the new range of blaze finishes but for now you’ll have to wait and see which one we have opted for.

What makes your Premier drums different in three words from all the other drums on the market?  

Powerful ,Clarity and Balance.

Do you think with the size of some of the bands today, compared to say 25 years ago, that Premier's clarity and volume has helped balance the overall ensemble especially that there’s anything between 20-25 pipers in a modern pipe band?

Absolutely, every band needs balance, and with the power and clarity of the Premier pipe band range, there’s no doubt that Premier have everything in their product to give you what you need. 

And lastly what would you say to bands considering changing their drums this year particularly why they should choose Premier drums? 

Well there's many reasons for me personally but for other bands there will be different reasons. We all know that the results for Premier in competitions speak for themselves - that's why the best bands continue to choose Premier at the highest level, winning majors and titles all around the world, year after year. I also think it's about Premier's attention to detail, their sound and the company's long history - the brand will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in the next couple of years. So, in short, there's no other brand that can rival these qualities.

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