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One on One Q&A: Keith Orr

One on One Q&A: Keith Orr

How are things shaping up for the 2019 season?

The band have shaped up well for the season ahead and we’re well on track…as ready as we can be!

Have you any new additions to the drum corps this year?

We have had little change in our line up this year, in fact we’ve only had one side drummer join the ranks, so it’s good to keep things more or less unchanged. 

Your drums sounded fantastic last season but do you have any plans on changing on your set-up with reference to sticks, drum heads etc going into 2019?

I was extremely happy with all aspects of our sound and set-up last season. I have no plans to change anything in the meantime but we will probably refresh our sticks (both side, tenor and bass). I’m still using the KP2 stick - an ace combination  with the HTS 800.

What makes your Premier drums different in three words from all the other drums on the market?

I think this will be the three words that everyone uses actually but I’ll try to be slightly different: Clarity, brightness and projection.

Do you think with the size of some of the bands today, compared to say 25 years ago, that Premier’s clarity and volume has helped balance the overall ensemble especially that there’s anything between 20-25 pipers in a modern pipe band?

I think without doubt that as pipe corps have increased in numbers, keeping up with the volume balance has been an important part of the transition. Also, just because two pipe corps have the same number of players, it doesn’t mean that they have the same volume which also applies to the drum corps. The volume produced can also vary from day to day (more so with pipe corps) which is another challenge for drummer to keep their balance correct. Taking these changes into consideration, Premier drums will give more opportunity to cope with the greater demands expected as bands change and evolve.

And lastly what would you say to bands considering changing their drums this year particularly why they should choose Premier drums?

If you want your playing to be heard loud and clear and sound as good as it possibly can, then the logical choice is Premier!

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