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An unrivalled History


Premier History of Marching

Across the globe marching music is a profession, a family, a history, a tradition and passion. As a marching musician you carry the memory of those that went before you and inspire those who will follow in your footsteps. Premier is very proud to be an integral part of marching activities all across the globe. Long considered the world’s leader and innovator in the manufacture of marching drums Premier continues to push the boundaries of design and has inspired many to emulate the look and sound of its unique musical instruments. World-class performers and beginners alike constantly provide the challenges that keep the company reaching to new heights. Premier strives to consistently provide the world’s finest instruments to the world’s most demanding musicians.

Premier has been an innovator in the activity for many years, and continues to be at the leading edge in design and quality and pioneered many aspects of marching drum design including:

  • High-tension tuning
  • Truly free-floating shells for snare, tenor and bass
  • Weight-saving construction
  • Fundamental tuning ability
  • Parallel action snare throw-off
  • Superior projection and articulation
  • Kevlar drumheads

Premier began making marching drums early in its history and continues to this day to define the look and sound that others follow. During the 1980s British military corps took the Premier sound to America and sparked a revolution in drum design that many imitate. Premier has always counted the finest marching performers and educators among its endorsing artists and looks set to build on this into the future.


Alex Duthart


Launch of the S41 Super Royal Scott snare drum; an innovative pipe band drum developed in conjunction with legendary pipe band drummer Alex Duthart.


S80 and S81 drums launched, again developed in conjunction with Alex Duthart, these build upon the success of their predecessor.


The ground-breaking HTS 200 is developed and in partnership with the world's foremost pipe band drummer Jim Kilpatrick, radically redefining the look and sound of the pipe band drum.


Star of Indiana is crowned DCI world champions fully equipped with Premier instruments.


The launch of the HTS 700 again developed with Jim Kilpatrick. The HTS 700 during its reign goes on to win more competitive titles than any other pipe band drum in history.


Premier partners with Craig 'Hoss' Colquhoun to further develop the innovative Hosbilt drums, opening up a spectrum of tuning possibilities within the pipe band mid-section.


Premier redefines marching again with the launch of the HTS 800 and Revolution Series, firmly re-asserting itself as the industry leader.