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  • 0097 Batter Hoop
  • 0097 Snare Hoop
  • 85mm Tension Bolt
  • Traditional Top Snare Strainer
  • Parallel Action Snare Strainer
  • Traditional Carry Hook
  • 0097 Tension Bolt Ball & Stem
  • 0097 Tension Bolt Plate
  • 0097 Decorative Hoop Tape
  • Parallel Action Snare Wire
  • Traditional Top Snare Wire
  • Outside Bracket Assembly for 1/100
  • Outer Lever Bracket Assembly for 1/100
  • Cam Spring for 1/100
  • Adjusting Bracket Assembly for 1/100
  • Terminal Nut and Spring for 1/100
  • Lever for 40/60 Assembly
  • Marching Snare/Tenor Lug
  • 0097 Tension Bolt Ball


Throughout the world of marching music, the musicianship and pageantry of the bands of Her Majesty’s Forces is recognised as second to none. Premier has for decades supplied the drums and percussion instruments to these and many bands around the world that follow the tradition and repertoire of British military music.

Over many years Premier has worked closely with the armed forces to develop products that meet specific requirements in sound, appearance and performance. Military percussion instruments must meet superior expectations on parade and deliver ultimate reliability in the field. No other manufacturer can claim this lineage and faithful partnership with traditional marching music.


  • 0097
    14" x 12" Parallel Action Snare Drum
    5.3kgs / 11.7lbs
  • 0097-S
    14" x 12" Top and Parallel Action Snare Drum
    5.4kgs / 11.9lbs


  • 4mm, 4-ply birch shell
  • Moulded nylon hoops in RWB as standard on all finishes
  • Available in traditional military livery as standard
  • Chrome fittings and finials
  • World renowned parallel action snare strainer

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