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Since the launch of Premier’s ‘Label Series’ sticks in 2010 we have been asked many times to produce the sticks with coloured shafts, so for 2012 are proud to introduce six new and improved professional stick models for pipe band and marching band:

  • Red Label
  • Black Label
  • Green Label
  • Blue Label
  • White Label
  • Traditional Hickory

Making a good pair of sticks begins by selecting the best wood possible, so Premier uses only the finest grades of Canadian maple and American heartwood hickory. Every dowel is hand inspected to ensure the grain is straight and free from any defects before being turned in state-of-the-art lathes by Canadian craftsmen. Black Label, Red Label, Blue Label and Green Label sticks are machined in Canadian maple with a long smooth taper and oval bead. These light and quick sticks offers perfect control, rebound and balance, and are ideal for the high-pitch definition and snare response characteristic of the pipe band snare drum. White Label and Traditional Hickory sticks are suitable for drummers who prefer a fuller sound with added punch. Manufactured from American heartwood hickory and featuring a white coloured or clear lacquered shaft, these excellent sticks offer a traditional look and feel with great response and projection.


  • 0544-RL
    Red Label Sticks (Maple) - Pair
  • 0544-BL
    Black Label Sticks (Maple) - Pair
  • 0544-GL
    Green Label Sticks (Maple) - Pair
  • 0544-BU
    Blue Label Sticks (Maple) - Pair
  • 0550-WL
    White Label Sticks (Hickory) - Pair
  • 0550-TH
    Traditional Hickory Marching Sticks (Hickory) - Pair


  • Available in:
    - Canadian maple
    - American heartwood hickory

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