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  • HTS Batter Hoop
  • HTS Suspension Ring
  • HTS Intermediate Ring
  • HTS Snare Hoop
  • HTS 50mm Tension Bolt
  • HTS Tension Bolt Insert
  • Revolution Snare Strainer
  • Revolution Snare Strainer
  • Revolution Snare Cartridge
  • HTS Down Tube
  • Premier Logo Decal
  • High-Tension Drum Key
  • Revolution Snare Guard


These two words have powerful meaning in the context of contemporary marching arts: ‘Demand’ means many hours of rehearsal to perfect a few moments of music and movement; it means dedication, commitment and physical endurance from player and instrument. ‘Performance’ means passion, communication and faultless consistency in everything you do. You demand performance from your instrument and because Premier understands these concepts we can help you reach for your goals and be the very best that you can be.
Premier pioneered the development of high-tension marching drums back in the 1980s and the new Revolution Series marching drums bring these proven concepts right up to date. Introducing a host of exclusive features that have been engineered specifically to meet the demands of modern marching percussion ensembles, the Revolution Series provides unparalleled performance and functionality together with improved durability and stylish presence on or off the field.


  • 38214-C
    14" x 12" Revolution Series Marching Snare Drum in Diamond Chrome
    7.2kgs / 15.8lbs
  • 38214
    14" x 12" Revolution Series Marching Snare Drum
    7.2kgs / 15.8lbs
  • 38207
    14" x 7" Revolution Series Indoor Marching Snare Drum
    6.5kgs / 14.3lbs
  • 38207-C
    14" x 7" Revolution Series Indoor Marching Snare Drum in Diamond Chrome
    6.5kgs / 14.3lbs


  • 6mm, 6-ply free-floating lacquered birch shell
  • Standardised suspension ring to accommodate proper seating of all manufacturers’ drumheads
  • Reduced depth design specifically engineered for indoor drumline and student applications
  • Die-cast aluminium polished hoops 
  • 'Blasted Chrome' aluminium down tubes
  • State of the art throw-off design featuring “B.S.A.” Bilateral Snare Adjustment Technology (patent pending) 
  • Cybermax batter head by Remo USA

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