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  • Marching 36” Bass Drum Hoop
  • Revolution Bass Drum Lug
  • Marching Claw Hook
  • Revolution Lug Cap
  • Bass Drum Carry Eye
  • HT 125mm Tension Bolt
  • High-Tension Drum Key


The incredible Revolution 36" bass drum features a classic supported shell which is formed in the same mould as Premier’s renowned concert bass drum. This is a big drum, with a huge sound and beautiful tone that will carry your musical message for miles.


  • 38336
    36" x 16" Professional Series Bass Drum
    12.6kgs / 27.7lbs


  • 4mm, 2-ply birch shell with 4.8mm reinforcing ring
  • Gloss lacquered shell, internally lacquered
  • High-tension low-mass lug design
  • Tension Diffusion Technology (TDT)
  • 'Blasted Chrome' lugs
  • 10mm mahogany hoops
  • Drumheads by Remo

Premier Percussion

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