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  • 16” 8-Lug Steel Hoop
  • Tension Bolt
  • Marching Lug
  • Basic Carry Hook
  • Marching Bass Drum Hoop
  • Marching Claw Hook
  • Bass Drum Carry Eye


Premier has for decades supplied the drums and percussion to many bands around the world that follow the tradition and repertoire of British military music and worked closely with armed forces to develop products that meet specific requirements in sound, appearance and performance.

It is fair to say that no other manufacturer can claim this lineage and faithful partnership with traditional British marching music. Premier understands that military percussion instruments must match superior expectations on parade and deliver ultimate reliability in the field.

Premier’s 0097 and 0097-S military snare drums have become representative of professional music in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and concurrently with numerous engineering and finishing improvements to these iconic snare drums. Premier’s range now includes bass and tenor drums in classic sizes, finished in the traditional red, white and blue military livery.


  • 1072RQL
    16" x 12" Military Series Tenor Drum
    4.6kgs / 10.1lbs
  • 0072RQL
    16" x 12" Military Series Tenor Drum (Die-cast hoops)
    4.9kgs / 10.8lbs
  • 0186RQL
    26" x 10" Military Series Bass Drum
    7.4kgs / 16.3lbs
  • 018612RQL
    26" x 12" Military Series Bass Drum
    7.7kgs / 16.9lbs
  • 0187RQL
    28" x 10" Military Series Bass Drum
    8.3kgs / 18.3lbs
  • 0188RQL
    28" x 12" Military Series Bass Drum
    8.6kgs / 18.9lbs
  • 0189RQL
    28" x 14" Military Series Bass Drum
    8.9kgs / 19.6lbs


  • Tenor: 5.5mm birch shell
    Bass: 4mm birch shell with 5mm beech support hoops
  • Diamond Chrome fittings
  • Drumheads by Remo

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