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  • HTS Batter Hoop
  • HTS Suspension Ring
  • HTS Intermediate Ring
  • HTS Snare Hoop
  • HTS 50mm Tension Bolt
  • HTS Tension Bolt Insert
  • HTS Top Snare Strainer
  • HTS Top Snare Retaining Block
  • HTS Bottom Snare Strainer
  • HTS Bottom Snare Adjuster Nut
  • HTS Bottom Snare Tension Bolt
  • HTS Snare Guard
  • HTS Down Tube
  • HTS Carry Hook
  • Premier Logo Decal
  • High-Tension Drum Key
  • HTS Top Snare Wire
  • HTS Bottom Snare Wire


The bloodlines of the HTS 800 and HTS 400 pipe band snare drums can be traced back across the decades with an impeccable championship winning pedigree and a spirit that harkens back hundreds of years. To create the latest incarnation of the HTS pipe band drum Premier has taken the proven DNA of its predecessors and engineered further improvement in operation, performance and design and once again achieved new standards in sound and build quality. No other pipe band drum delivers the dynamic clarity, precise articulation, clear projection and full tone of the HTS 800 and HTS 400 that in your hands are proud additions to the family and will carry the Premier name and the names of future champions to victory for years to come.

Hand in hand with the engineering improvements to the HTS 800 comes the exciting option to offer the drum with Premier's distinctive Diamond Chrome fittings. Diamond Chrome features an unrivalled brilliant finish combined with extreme durability and since the '60s has set the benchmark for chrome plating musical instruments. The HTS 800 in Diamond Chrome firmly asserts itself as Premier's flagship instrument and the pinnacle of pipe band snare drum design and performance.


  • 0800
    14" x 12" HTS 800
    7.2kgs / 15.8lbs
  • 0800-C
    14" x 12" HTS 800 in Diamond Chrome
    7.2kgs / 15.8lbs
  • 0400
    14" x 7" HTS 400
    6.5kgs / 14.3lbs


  • Die-cast, polished aluminium hoops with ‘Blasted Chrome’ down tubes
  • Diamond Chrome option
  • 6mm 6-ply solid birch shell
  • Internally lacquered free floating shell for increased response and warm tone
  • Precision bearing edges for enhanced projection and clarity
  • Tension bolts feature unique anti-friction coating to prevent binding
  • Elegant snare mechanisms giving smooth and positive feel
  • Fit of batter and suspension hoops gives optimal range without compromising projection and volume
  • Fitted with your choice of drumhead, speak to your local distributor or dealer

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