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Premier offers two types of harness; vest or t-bar.
The aluminium vest harness is supremely durable, lightweight and is adjustable to accommodate many body shapes; it provides support and protection and distributes weight evenly to reduce pressure points on the spine and shoulder blades.
The T-bar harness is the original aluminium marching harness and continues to be the standard for many marching groups worldwide. The comfortable and lightweight design provides flexible fit and firm support.


Vest Harnesses:

  • 6821
    HTS/Revolution Snare Drum Harness
  • 6824
    Multi-Tenor Harness
  • 6822
    Bass Drum Harness


Rails and Adaptors for Vest Harnesses:

  • 6824Q
    Quad/Quint Rail for Multi-Tenors (38101 or 38102)
  • 6825Q
    Quad/Quint Rail for Multi-Tenors (38103)
  • 6824S
    Sixtet Rail for Multi-Tenors (38101 or 38102)
  • 6825S
    Sixtet Rail for Multi-Tenors (38103)
  • 3946
    HTS/Revolution Snare Adaptor
  • 0897
    Multi Angle Bar


T-Bar Harnesses:

  • 6905
    HTS/Revolution Snare Drum Harness
  • 6911
    Bass Drum Harness
  • 6910
    Universal Snare Drum Harness
  • 6909
    Universal Snare Adaptor


  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Padded for extra comfort

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