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Wilkie Wilkinson Guest Blog

Wilkie Wilkinson Guest Blog

Hi! Wilkie Wilkinson here! 

I've been playing Premier for a few years now, I started when I was drumming for Mr Hudson, a UK R'n'B/Pop act. For the past few months I've been touring pretty heavily with UK synth/pop act Charli XCX.

We started 2013 in Austin, TX doing SXSW, amazing fun! It was 10 shows in seven days dotted around the city. A super hectic schedule but each show had a kind of punk attitude because of it, no time to over think things or worry just sit down and punch out the songs. We ended on a high with a show for Perez Hilton, with a crazy bill of Charli, Fall Out Boy, Macklemore and Paloma Faith.

After Austin we joined up with Ellie Goulding on a tour around Europe which was super fun, she has an amazing band and team, and it was great to see how a large UK pop production is put together, we all had a good snoop round their gear!

We swapped Europe for the US in May and i joined up with fellow Premier drummer Seb on the Marina and the Diamonds coast to coast tour. It was so much fun getting to hang with Seb and to watch him play. We usually just see each other briefly at gigs, but this time got to scale Mt. Chatmandu about paradiddles and tom depth.

Marina has CRAZY fans. In San Francisco they welcomed us so warmly on the first night we could barely hear the stage. After that to get pumped up and ready for that level of crowd insanity we'd jump around and put on wacky music in the dressing room.

On all these tours i use a pretty standard set-up of one up one down. With Charli I like to use bigger sizes as her music has a lot of washy, dreamy synths and lush vocal production. We decided the drums shouldn't poke out too much like a lot of pop kits, so we use 13/18/24 all with Remo pinstripes to add a bit of attack and a 14x6.5 maple snare tuned low with a vintage head on it. It gives it a huge, warm Bonham feel over the backing percussion/drum tracks. As well as this there are several Roland pads and snare triggers through the set to underpin the sound to keep it in line with the record, but nothing too crazy.


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